Recent Projects

"Purpose": MOF's Big Project
After the release of their 2008 self-titled album, the band spent most of its time touring locally and regionally promoting the new CD.  Met with positive reviews and great reception throughout the tour, the band started writing and putting down ideas for new songs.  Songwriter and lead vocalist, Bekah Lyons dug into her songbook and began the process of writing.  Ideas began flowing quickly and the band became excited about the direction and shape of the new songs.  Matter of Fact self-funds all of their music.  The band started back into the studio in 2015 to finish the album.  The new album, titled "Purpose", will be available soon!

Check back for further updates about this project.


Mike & Bekah in the studio listening to a new mix.  

Audio Engineer Rob Nadler at the board.

Matt Bavis, percussionist & friend of the band, lays down
shaker, congas & tambourine for a new song,